Capital Investment Plan Proposal Topic

“Capital Investment Plan Proposal Topic
A capital investment plan is a document that is typically prepared   to obtain funding and/or financing.  For your Final Project, which is  due in Week Five, you will assume the role of a department manager who  is seeking funding/financing for a capital investment, and you will  create a capital investment plan to present to your chief financial  officer and board.  In the scenario you choose, you may be looking to  expand in an existing department, or you may focus on a brand new  capital investment for a new service line.
For this assignment, address the following points  as they pertain to your selected capital investment:
Executive Summary: State the purpose of the report and describe the major points of the report.
Service and/or  Equipment Description: This section should be at least one page.Â
Establishing the Team: This section should be at least one page.  Include  a chart that illustrates the structure of the capital  investment team.  In addition, provide a summary of your team  (background, responsibilities, etc.) as it pertains to your selected  business.
Addressing these points  will help you as you begin to develop your  capital investment plan. Your paper should be two to three   double-spaced pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages.  Format your paper according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford  Writing Center.”
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