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“What to Do: Step 2 “ Write a paper which goes into your Final Project
Write a 2- to 3-page paper that you will include as part of your final project. This is not a separate assignment.
Write a well-reasoned, thoughtful 2- to 3-page paper summarizing your findings and responding to the questions that follow.Â
Support your claims with examples from the student, and support your conclusions with information from the texts and videos.
Answer these questions:
What did you learn? Give specific examples from the students reading sample. What information from the course texts and videos supports your conclusions?
What confirmed your prior knowledge of this student? How would you help this student? What specific strategies might you employ?
How does the students current home or school environment support your findings?
Make sure to include:
Specific examples
Several strategies to remediate issues
Citations that support your ideas
References included in the final reference page
A scanned copy of your running record
Include this as part of your final project.
Add the references from this paper to the final reference page at the end of your final project.
What to Do: Step 3 – Lesson Plan
This will be your third lesson plan.
Create a lesson plan that:
Addresses one of the problems your student presented during the reading of the graded reader passages.
Uses the technique of flexible grouping as a way to reach students at different levels with this skill.
Include this lesson plan as part of your final project.”
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