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Respond to the suggestions of at least two other learners who discussed organizations different than those you discussed. When possible, elaborate upon the ideas and suggestions being offered or suggest alternatives that the original poster may not have considered. After considering the various organizations identified by Nicole, Eduardo, and Hector, the author selects the Riverbend City One Stop Center. Hector, presents valid reasons as to why the potential partner organization would be beneficial in meeting the goals and objectives of Fuerza y Unidad. Strengths identified, Riverbend City One Stop Center is currently providing training, workshops, and has access to the internet. Weakness, discovered, were limitations of unemployment resources available to assist the Latino-specific population. As it turns out, services were only being offered to migrant workers. Inclusion, is an important part of the community organizing effort. Individuals’ requiring assistance must feel comfortable receiving information and training. Recommendations for the group, includes the implementation of literacy, Spanish GED programs, and ESL workforce development classes. It would also be beneficial for the board members to explore expanding collaboration with businesses and government entities within the community (Capella University, 2017).Homan (2016) states that “to promote change in a community, the community must believe in its own ability to change and must take responsibility for its actions and in actions. When you are able to see the community as a distinct entity capable of taking action, you understand that you can relate to members of the community as partners in an effort to promote well-being. If you want to make improvements in the service arena, Fuerza y Unidad may opt to: change program regulations, improve program orientation and delivery, encourage collaboration between agencies, develop a new program and empower clients. A well-organized group, perhaps working in alliance with other groups, can make great improvements in services simply by changing regulations, thereby helping a program work better”. (pgs. 27 & 31). Judith Gilead ReferencesCapella University. (2017). Riverbend City: Collaborative Relationships Mission. Retrieved from, M. (2016). Promoting Community Change: Making it happen in the real world (6th ed.), Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
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