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Respond to the suggestions of at least two other learners who discussed organizations different than those you discussed. When possible, elaborate upon the ideas and suggestions being offered or suggest alternatives that the original poster may not have considered. The presenters within the Fuerza y Unidad group have a mission to collaborate with themselves and nonprofit organizations to address and resolve the problems within the city. The group has three board members who have their own ideas and opinions of what specific nonprofit organizations Fuerza y Unidad should collaborate with. Presenter Nicole Fernandez was initially frustrated with the pace of the group and was discouraged with the process. Despite her frustrations and wanting to step down she displayed perseverance in wanting to seek change for her community and stressed that Fuerza y Unidad needed to have a voice that the government couldn’t ignore. During the committee meeting, Nicole, an elementary school teacher chose to discuss Ruby Lake Elementary school, Office of Diversity & Culture, and the Department of Public Health as her nonprofit organizations of choice. The decision to choose Ruby Lake Elementary and implementing literacy projects for parents was a relatable idea to Nicole. Homan (2016) states, “delivering culturally appropriate direct services is more rare than common.” Based on that statement the decision would be beneficial for Fuerza y Unidad if they are able to collaborate and create various types of bilingual or cultural projects that can benefit the students and families in the community and Fuerza y Unidad. As an educator, Nicole could organize these initiatives and promote it through flyers, PTA meetings, parent-teacher meetings, radio advertisements, and newsletters. The only possible weakness with choosing Ruby Lake Elementary is determining what other collaboration the school could contribute? The Office of Diversity & Culture would be a start to creating a culturally competent community. The Office of Diversity & Culture would be able to receive knowledge about the Latino population and how they can contribute within their society and to Fuerza y Unidad. The department would also be able to grow the community’s workforce into a more diverse force by informing the members of Fuerza y Unidad of what their mission is. Nicole also presented the Department of Public Health which would promote health and resolve the contamination problem due to the derailment. It would also bridge health disparities found in minority communities. Throughout Nicole’s collaboration with these nonprofit organizations, she could have Hector organize the initial meetings since he has experience being a community organizer and Eduardo as the Language Interpreter. This would allow both gentlemen to feel as though they are contributing to the process.  The Department of Public Health and The Office of Diversity & Culture proposed by Nicole should both be pursued. They would contribute to the goal of improving the community by providing resources to resolve the contamination problem and improve the health of underserved Latinos. The Office of Diversity & Culture would promote cultural diversity among the community. Diversity is a source that will strengthen the effectiveness of groups who can learn how to bring forth its potential (Homan, 2016). This change can happen if the community is receptive. Homan (2016) believes that promoting change within a community, requires the community believing in its own ability to change and taking responsibility for its inactions and actions.   Homan, M. (2016). Promoting community change: Making it happen in the real world (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
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