Call into Ministry

“The call into the ministry is a worthy mission; however, it is not the greatest calling. According to Paul, our greatest calling is God calling of man unto Himself (2 Tim. 1:8–9). Donald Guthrie states, “Christians are saved not only from a life of sin, but to a life of holiness. . . . God has called us with a holy calling because He Himself is holy. His activities partake of His own character.” It is from the initial calling that God then places a passion upon some people’s hearts to minister to the lost. Dave Harvey explains it as follows: “When a passion for the church is added to a grounding in the gospel, a proper understanding of ministry calling begins to form. If you believe you’re called to pastoral ministry, you must see your potential calling in the context of the local church, where ministry is shaped and defined according to Scripture.” Therefore, you should take your calling into the ministry extremely serious. If you are going to succeed as a shepherd of God’s people, then you must be equipped to the best of your ability. A pastor is viewed as a theologian, counselor, leader, and researcher of the Scriptures. Thus, it is important that you pursue every avenue that will enable you to be a quality shepherd of God’s people. Most likely that is why you are in this class. Thus, this project has been designed so that you can learn to define/explain your call into the ministry and show why you are pursuing education in order to support your calling.
This paper should define/explain your call into the ministry and should be 2 pages in length. This paper should be accompanied by a properly formatted title page. The content of this paper should start from a very brief description of your salvation experience and then include your call into the ministry. Remember, this paper is to follow Turabian guidelines and should be presented without any grammatical or spelling errors.”
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