Calendars Manager SRS for interview

Calendars Manager
The current calendar manager is being added to our web client.
You can read more about the current calendar management in the last page of this document.

  1. Solution Summary

The requirement is to add the ability to manage all available calendars in the web client,
We want to enable the customers to be able to create calendars, edit them and perform several actions described below.

  1. Functional Requirements

This feature will include the following functionality:

  • Grid – View all calendars in the system
  • Add calendar
  • Edit calendar
  • Duplicate calendar
  • Check In & Check out
  • Discard changes (checkout)
  • Delete
  • Take ownership
  • Refresh Grid
  • View Original version

Right Pane 
Showing preview data for selected calendar in the grid
Current Grid UI
Add calendar
User will choose to create one of the following calendars:

  • regular
  • periodic
  • rule-based

Calendar editor will be opened specifically for chosen type, dialog will contain ok and cancel buttons, click on cancel will discard changes, and on OK it’ll add a new entry in the calendar list
Edit calendar 
The user will choose to edit one of the calendars in the list.
Pressing on edit button will open the appropriate calendar editor by his type.
Duplicate calendar 
The user will select calendar from the grid and then click on duplicate.
A dialog will be open with a question: “Are you sure you want to duplicate the selected calendar?”
Check in & Check out
Check in – save calendar data and send to the control-m server,
It also change the calendar to read only mode.
Check out – change the calendar to be editable, changes are saved locally until check in.
Discard changes (checkout) 
Discard all the changes that were done locally since last checkout, it return back to original calendar version.
The user can select a calendar from the grid and delete it.
Take ownership
When a calendar is being edited it’s being checked-out by a user,
in this scenario if another user wants to modify it,
he needs to take the ownership.
Refresh Grid
Get the calendars data from the server
View Original version 
Use to compare edited version with the last checked-in version

  1. Permissions

The groups will have the following permissions on the calendars:
browseGroup – you can only view calendars
updateGroup – you can view and edit calendars (but cannot delete)
adminGroup – you have full permissions on all the actions in calendars
Info about current Calendar management
Calendars enable you to define a set of scheduling criteria and then apply those criteria to job schedules by specifying the calendar name in the job definition, which saves having to define those sets of criteria individually in each job.
You define, view, edit, delete, or calendars based on specific scheduling criteria that are used to define scheduling in a job definition from the Tools domain. If you want to use a predefined calendar when defining a job, it must be checked into Control-M.
You can create one or more of the following calendar:

  • Regular calendars:Enables you to create a predefined calendar based on certain dates (the days of the month and/or the days of the week) in a selected year. Other scheduling parameters can be used with a regular calendar to further control the dates on which the job is ordered.
  • Periodic calendars:Enables you to create a predefined calendar based on different calendar periods that you define. Periodic calendars are used to divide the year into working periods (for example 13 periods, 20 periods and so on) instead of 12 months. Periods can be nonconsecutive, of varying length, and overlapping, but no single period can exceed 255 days.
  • Rule-based Calendars:Enables you to create a predefined calendar based on specific rules, independent of specific years. These calendars can apply over several years, as they do not need to be redefined each year. Rule Based Calendars give you flexibility to address different scenarios. For example, if you want to run a job at the end of each month, you need to create a Rule Based Calendar, otherwise if you select 31 at the end of each month, it is not correct as there are months with less than 31 days.

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