Business Strategy and Sustainable Development: Multiple question assignment

Multiple question assignment
• Answer the six questions below.
• Write a small essay for each question. The Word count per question is 800 words.
• Please provide examples for each question.
• Some articles can be sent as useful resources, but they are not sufficient. These can be used as a starting point.
• In your bid, please state any experience or qualifications related to business management.
1. ‘The central premise behind creating shared value (CSV) is that the competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. Recognizing and capitalizing on these connections between societal and economic progress has the power to unleash the next wave of global growth and to redefine capitalism.’
Critically evaluate this statement.
2. ‘Sustainable supply chain management is an indispensable part of a business’s sustainability program. Knowing the level of environmental, social, and economic impact and viability of your vendors and customers is becoming increasingly common as all industries move towards a more sustainable future. Critically evaluate this statement
3. For companies with the resources and persistence to compete at the bottom of the world economic pyramid, the prospective rewards include growth, profits, and incalculable contributions to humankind. By using the appropriate principles and relevant business examples, design a strategy that would enable world’s wealthiest companies to seek their fortunes and bring prosperity to the aspiring poor.
4. “Conscious Capitalism can help rebuild corporate reputations, how companies can give back to the community while still making a profit, the key pillars for conscious capitalism, and more.” John Mackey, Co-Author of Conscious Capitalism
Critically discuss this statement
5. Using the appropriate frameworks and theories, critically evaluate the sustainability strategy of Eileen Fisher (see case study attached)
6. “The coronavirus seems to be setting the bases for a seismic, civilization-defining shift. Ideas that were derided as fanciful a year ago are now rapidly shaping a new common sense — one that privileges people over profit, favours state intervention, caring for the environment and emphasizes the need for global solidarity.”
In the light of the statement above, critically discuss how businesses can succeed through stakeholder integration, sustainable value creation and embedding sustainability.
Work should be excellent in both range and command of materials covered and arguments presented. The work should show an excellent understanding and appreciation of the subject and should engage the material closely. The work should show originality, treating evidence critically and incorporating information from a wide range of appropriate sources to support arguments. In the case of lecture-related material, evidence of wider research would be expected, with the material fully synthesised into the body of the work. The product should be well structured and focussed. First Class marks must reflect Excellent work at the very upper end of the Master performance.
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