(Weightage: 20 Marks)

 Name of the Student (s)_______________________________ ID (s)____________


1- Evaluation will be over the quality of work as well as the meaningful ideas.

2- Last date of submission: 26-June.

3- Submission as Softcopy to LMS

4- File submitted Should be ONLY in “Word” Format (All contents should be “TEXT” only)

5- All References should be only ARTICLES, and should be added to “MENDELEY” following “APA”

6- Plagiarism should bellow 15, above 20 to be rejected


 OVERVIEW: A research paper is not a personal narrative using first person, nor is it a report on your findings about your topic. Instead, it is a piece of writing that requires a more abstract, critical, and thoughtful level of inquiry. Writing a strong research paper means you have familiarized yourself with the writing of experts on your chosen topic, and then compared their opinions, findings, etc., with your own thinking. So, rather than reporting on your findings, you will need to use facts, statistics, the results of studies, and opinions from expert sources to support a claim you make about your topic. Your job is to integrate evidence and your personal insights. Ultimately, YOU are the one in charge. That is, your beliefs and thinking are backed up by the ideas and information of others.


TOPIC: Your topic should address a current issue under the broad topic of “Business and Management”. You should discuss and approve your topic before you proceed to the next step.

GOAL: Your main goal is to choose a sufficiently narrowed “Business and Management” issue you care about and want to know more about, then get to work researching using the Skyline University College Library databases (Could be also ResearchGate & GoogleScholar), drafting a paper that not only advances only your own knowledge but your instructor’s and all of your classmates’ knowledge as well (becoming part of the conversation regarding your chosen topic).

ASSIGNMENT CONTENT: Once you got the approval to your topic, the next step to prepare the following:

  • Write Theoretical Framework (3 sections: each section should cove one variable)
  • Write Operational Definitions (comprehensive definition for each variable & dimension)
  • Write Literature Review (4 sections: each section should cove one hypothesis) (4 Articles to each section)
  • Construct measurement/ Quantitative tools (questionnaire)
  • Write Methodology & Research Design
  • Define population & sample & unit of analysis (participants)
  • (After questionnaire approval) Prepare Google-Forms to Collect data from sample through questionnaire (provide the link)



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