Business Policy

I need approximately a 10 page paper regarding the Gucci store NAICS Code 448140, see below link
Cover Page (1 page)
• Title: Industry title (NAICS code)
• Your name
• Reference format (APA style)
Introduction (Executive summary) (1page)
• Define industry clearly. Include a NAICS code.
• List four or five companies in this industry.
• Provide a summary of Porter’s 5 forces. (One sentence for each force)
• Conclude: Your findings? OR what did you find most interesting in your study? OR What do you expect of industry in the future?
Porter’s five forces model (4-5 pages)
• Define each force if necessary.
• Write about one page for each force.
• Write an informative piece.
a. My major question when I read yours will be: Am I learning something from your report?
b. Include concrete examples or citations to back up your claims.
c. Do not explain “what is Porter’s five forces model” to me. If you do, I will be offended. Instead, apply Porter’s five forces model and tell me about an industry.
d. Don’t write common sense but do some research.
e. Avoid graphs and figures. They are inefficient ways to explain things given the limited number of pages. Include them only when you cannot explain things in words.
f. Avoid bullet points.
g. Do not quote someone else’s sentences directly more than twice.
h. Use information from the library database as much as you can.
i. Do not talk about your individual experience. This is a research paper. Transform your individual experience, knowledge and feelings into more objective arguments with the aid of empirical data and others’ research studies.
• Don’t just copy facts and info from other research papers or industry reports. I want to see how you build your own reasoning based on them. I want to see your own thoughts.
• In providing your own reasoning, discuss industry based on the concepts from Porter’s five forces model. – Economies of scale, switching costs, learning curve, etc. – Don’t just list the words either. Try to discuss based on what you learned in class beyond five forces model.
T-test (2 pages)
• In the first page, address the following questions.
– Paragraph 1: What is your analysis goal? “I compare industry performance of which years of which industry” Then, state the formal hypotheses.
– Paragraph 2: What do you mean by performance? How do you define industry? Which database did you use to collect the data? How many firms are in your sample? Did you get rid of outliers? If so why? How many outliers? Which statistical methodology did you employ?
– Paragraph 3: What is your P-value? Therefore, do you reject or not reject Ho? Do you find statistically significant evidence that one year is better than the other?
• In the second page, Copy the t-test outcome table from Excel. Do NOT copy the data.
Citations and Reference (APA format)
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