Business Modelling

To do
To successfully complete the work, you should:

  • Identify a business process to use as the basis for the assignment. An ideal business process is one from an organisation where you have worked or a community organisation you have been involved with. This close association is best because it means that you will have the depth of understanding of the chosen process needed to model it accurately and understanding of the issues associated with it that could be addressed by business process improvement.  Alternatively, you could interview someone else to gain knowledge about a process they are involved with.
  • Model the process using BPMN in Microsoft Visio. As your BPMN modelling skills will be tested in the final examination each student in the pair must take primary responsibility for one of the two required BPMN process models. This will ensure that you have a good understanding of the notation.
  • Analyse the process to identify issues that could be resolved using business process redesign. Your As-Is model should provide a basis for this.
  • Design improvements to the process. For example, consider automating some tasks by using information technology or changing the sequence of activities or making parallel paths in the process. As part of this you must consider why the To-Be process will be an improvement compared to the As-Is process and what performance indicators could be used to measure success of the redesign.
  • Model the redesigned process using BPMN in Microsoft Visio (or other approved software package).
  • Create a report to the management of the organisation from which the process comes. Note that presentation of the report including formatting and table of contents is very important and that it should be written in professional language suitable for a manager to read. It should be structured as described below.
  • Title page. This should include the name of the process being addressed, the company the process belongs.
  • Table of contents. This must be generated using the Word Table of Contents feature.
  • Introduction. This should include the purpose of the report.
  • Background about the organisation. This should provide general background as well as information that will help to understand the context in which the process occurs.
  • Background about the process. This section should provide supporting information about the process and should also include a description of how the information required to analyse the process was obtained.
  • As-Is model of the business process. Modelling must be done in BPMN and can be supplemented with descriptions of assumptions and business rules etc. as needed. You must include an image of the model.
  • Issues with the process. This section should explain issues and problems that have been identified with respect to the current process.
  • Recommendations for improvement. This section should explain the improvements that are being recommended and describe why the To-Be process is an improvement compared to the As-Is process. Recommendations can include the use of specific commercial software. This section should also discuss what performance indicators could be used to measure success.
  • To-Be model of the business process. Modelling should be done in BPMN. The report must contain an image of the To-Be process and you must also upload the relevant Visio file. Its file properties must show that the author of the model is the other author of the report.
  • Appendix Statement of contribution. This section must describe what contribution each student has made to the work undertaken and to the writing of the report. This should include who took the key responsibility for each model
Component Marks
1 Presentation of the report 10
2 Introduction 5
3 Background about the organisation 10
4 Background about the process 10
5 As-Is model 30
6 Issues with the process 10
7 Recommendations for improvement 10
8 To-be model 15

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