Business Environment – Final Assignment

Assignment Guide
Chose Lloyds Bank PLC
1. Demonstrate an understanding of different types of innovation and technology and how they have impacted the economic progress of the country, with particular emphasis on business organisations. (20 marks)
– Define innovation and technology
– Give practical examples of how innovation and technology have contributed to the economic growth of the country (UK as example)
– Describe how business organisations use new technologies in their operations (Lloyds Bank as example)
2. Give practical illustrations of how innovation and technology have impacted the operations, sales and the profits of your chosen company. (25 marks)
– A brief overview of your chosen company (Lloyds bank)
– Describe the new technologies and how they are being used by your chosen company.
– Compare the sales and profits of the company before and, after the new technologies were introduced (Please visit the web site of your chosen company for its annual report and other necessary information)
– Comment on your findings.
1. Evaluate the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the organisation (20 marks)
– Define Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
– Brief history of Corporate Governance in the UK with examples
– Importance of CSR for organisations with particular emphasis on your chosen company.
2. Explanations of Archie Carroll’s Pyramid of CSR: – Economic responsibilities, legal responsibilities, ethical responsibilities and philanthropic responsibilities.
– Demonstrate your understanding of the four areas of CSR as identified by Archie Carroll. Apply these to your chosen company.
(25 marks)
Presentation and Grammar 10 marks
1. Morrison, J. (2017) The Global Business Environment, (4th edition), Palgrave.
2. Needle, D. (2015) Business in Context, An Introduction to Business and Its Environment, (6th edition), Cengage Learning.
3. Boddy. D. (2016) Management An Introduction, (7th edition), Pearson Press.
4. Please visit the web site of your chosen company for its annual report and other necessary information.
And more other sources
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