BUS310: Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages

Fall 2020-2021
Tutor-Marked Assignment, – KSA branch
(Due date: To be assigned by VPAA)
ASSIGNMENT Topic overview: Strategic Analysis for an Organization
-Strategy tools are vital for business and competitive analysis. These tools vary in terms of the level of analysis as some are found to be more suitable for analyzing the internal environment while others are more practical for the external environment analysis. How useful these strategic tools and models in helping decision-makers at organizations to make a better decision is a noteworthy question for investigation.
-In this ASSIGNMENT, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the importance of the internal business workings. In short, this ASSIGNMENT provides an opportunity for an investigation of the entire arc of strategic management, with special attention to how strategies are formulated under uncertain and evolving conditions and how can a company create competitive advantages in the marketplace that are not only unique and valuable but also difficult for competitors to copy or substitute
-This ASSIGNMENT is meant to assess the student’s ability in understanding, and application of the course materials and ideas from external sources, as well as to student’s reflection and critical thinking. It is also intended to test the student’s ability to argue relevantly and to justify a point of view besides, constructing, defending and evaluating an argument, using relevant evidence and giving reasons for conclusions.
-This ASSIGNMENT consists of three (3) questions.
This ASSIGNMENT must be done with strict compliance to the guidelines and instructions stated, otherwise there will be penalties in form of marks deduction as per the university’s policy. You are encouraged to collaborate with others in studying, but submitted work copied from or written jointly with others is not acceptable.  Submitting work that has been done by someone else and persistent borrowing of other people’s work without citation are obvious instances of plagiarism and are regarded as cheating. If a case of plagiarism is proven, this is a serious offence and the disciplinary procedures will be followed, as described under the Examination Policy of the AOU. Cases of plagiarism will receive a mark of “Zero” on the assignment. Please refer to AOU plagiarism policy.

  1. ASSIGNMENT must be written in ESSAY (discussion) format, BULLETS and NUMBERING to be avoided.
  2. Word count should be exact with 10% (More/less) tolerance.
  3. You must acknowledge all sources of information using full Harvard Style Referencing (In-text referencing plus list of references at the end) Minimum of 3 references are required. MUST include E-library and course materials. Wikipedia is not recommended as a reference.
  4. 5. Copy and paste-plagiarized work will be detected by TURNITIN and heavily penalized.
  5. Strictly use the PT3 form accompanying this ASSIGNMENT.
  6. You should present a well-structured and organized piece of work that is of your own.

N.B-1: Grades deduction will be implemented if you did not comply with the following criteria:

  • Proper referencing (Harvard style referencing) – Deductions could be up to 5 grades.
  • In-text referencing- Deductions could be up to 5 grades.
  • Adherence to specified word count – Deductions could be up to 5 grades.
  • Use of the E-library/External resources – Deductions could be up to 5 grades.

N.B-2: ASSIGNMENT is meant to respond to recommendations given by EE to encourage and develop greater critical analytical skills especially at level 6, by encouraging the students to read more widely and encouraging students to reflect on the application of the course theories and concepts

  • Selecting an Organization
  • You are required to select a reputable teaching institution (public or private) in your country related to education industry (ex. Elementary school, high school, or a university).
  • Analyzing the Organization
  • You should use publicly available information to begin your analysis: the organization’s Web site is often the best starting point. Remember, however, that you are using the Web site as a source of data for the analysis; do not simply copy material off the Web site. Your assignment is an analysis, not a data-dump.
  • You will need to contact at least one member of the organization (either a current member or one who has recently left it). It can be very useful to make an initial contact with your informant early in the research process, to ensure that the person is indeed willing to talk with you. You will find the informant most useful, however, after you have done the preliminary work with the publicly available materials.
  • The purpose of the assignment is to develop your ability to use the conceptual frameworks and tools from the course. Also, to create a complete and a persuasive critical analysis answering, and in an essay format the following ASSIGNMENT three questions.

Q1. Critically discuss the key important factors and forces in the general and industry environments that affect the chosen institution choice of strategy. Discuss how the pandemic COVID-19 affected environment factors and forces and consequently your chosen institution performance. From your own perspective, what actions should your chosen institution do to keep its competition alive if this situation prevailed? (35 marks-800 words)
Q2. What are the key resources available for the chosen institution to effectively and successfully compete within its boundary and attain a competitive advantage? Discuss whether chosen institution position is supported by its value chain and other internal resources. Identify problems you think they are facing in respect to current COVID-19 pandemic situation.  (35 marks- 800 words)
Q3. Critically discuss the chosen institution Business–Level strategy components (i.e. the merits and demerits of these components). Suggest ways by which the chosen institution may improve and sustain its competitive position in case COVID-19 pandemic continued to outburst in future. (30 marks- 400 words)
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