Buckeye: Evaluative Model

Buckeye Power & Light
Buckeye: Evaluative Model
The purpose of the Evaluative Model is to compute the values of all Performance Measures necessary to determine the cost and effectiveness of any proposed coal procurement plan.
The Evaluative Model will take the Offers Edit Report and the Decision Variables as its key inputs.  Prior to building the model, you will need to read the case thoroughly and have a strong understanding of the underlying business problem.
You will need to build a shell of the model that contains all of inputs, constraints, changing cells and the objective cell and make sure that everything computes correctly. After turning in the model, you will work in groups to revise / rebuild the model for use with Solver.
Buckeye: computation checking
When you submit the model, please have all the changing cells set to 1000. You should have the following outputs:
BTUs – 118.31
Moisture (tons) – 312
Ash (tons) – 710
Sulfur (tons) – 67
Total cost for all plants – $614,030
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