Brand Communication Quiz

Brand Communication Quiz #1      (50 points)
The first five questions are 8 points each. The last question is 10 points.

  1. What is a “Brand”? How does a brand differ from a product?

As a consumer, you might say this to a Company about its products or services: “It’s your company, but it’s our brand.” Explain why Companies should keep this mind about their products and services.

  1. a. Briefly identify what Brand Equity is or does.
  2. How does Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) differ from Market base Based Brand Equity?
  3. What are points of parity (POP) and points of difference (POD)?
  4. Give one example of one product or service and show how it has POP with other brands.
  5. Now give another example of how your product or service has a POD from other brands.
  6. What is a Brand Mantra? How does it differ from a Brand Slogan? Who is the intended target audience for a Brand Mantra?
  1. What are the six categories that make up the Brand Resonance Pyramid?

Which one is on the bottom? Which one is on the top?  Where do the other four components fit into the pyramid?
What are a few of the main elements of each of those components?
(Hint: Once you name the components, make sure you show their positioning on the pyramid and list a few of the descriptive characteristics for each one.)
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