Behavior Recording

READ THE DIRECTIONS PLEASE!!!!APA formatcite your workdouble check your grammar  Go to and go to Interventions. Scroll down to the section titled How to Assess and Measure Behavior. Then READ Behavior Recording. Within the Dr. Mac material, you will be prompted to click on a case study called Using Assessment to Guide Intervention for a Student Who Calls Out Answers at Based on this case study, answer the following questions on your own.What is the maladaptive behavior? (the answer is two words)What is the replacement behavior? (This may be hard… think about what behavior we want the child to be engaging in… define it in just a few words)How was baseline data collected? What type of recording system was used?What did the baseline data show?In the story, find an example inter-rater agreement.In this scenario, find an example of ABC data collection even though it isn’t called that in the story.Write a behavior objective for the maladaptive behavior.Write a behavior objective for the replacement behavior.
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