AVN 2040 –Airport Operations Assignment

L.O 1 – Assess the various components of airport operation and management
LO 2- Examine the regulatory challenges that the airports have to comply with
 The objective of airport management is to ensure efficient aircraft and passenger movement operations. The world is however plagued with several challenges airports face that causes passenger inconvenience.
This assignment requires you to select an airport and understand the components of the airport’s airside as well as explore the contemporary challenges faced by airports around the world on airside and the processes and technologies the management uses to overcome these concerns.
Format of the report
 You are required to prepare your report in an academic structure. All sources of information must be credible/accurate and should be referenced appropriately in your report.
Cover page showing group names and assignment title
Table of Contents
Findings and analysis
Recommendations and conclusion
 Task 1-                              Group Report writing on challenges and solutions at the Airside (100 marks weighted to 10%)
Submission date:        15th April 2021
 Your assignment is divided in two parts. Choose an airport, identify the components of the airport and In the second part you will explore the challenges on various components of the airfields (runways, taxiways, surrounding area) and those faced by ATC and airport management in the airspace and surface that can adversely hamper smooth airport operations from the list presented below. You can use several airport examples to supplement your analysis.
Part 1
Identify the various components of the airfield including runways and taxiways – their orientation, designation, types, lengths, widths.

Details of desired components
Runways – The number of runways, the length/widths, the material used to construct the runways, their orientations and designations.
Taxiways – The different types of taxiways.
 Part 2
 Airside challenges and probable solutions

  • Challenges on the Airfield for atc and airport management-
    • runways, taxiways, apron- runway lengths, runway types; pavement health, snow and ice accumulation, incursions and excursions on runways, taxiways or apron
  • Challenges In airspace for ATC and Airport Management-
    • Drone activities, birds presence, airspace capacity challenges.
  • Technologies and processes implemented by airports to tackle such challenges

A rubric will be attached to guide you on areas to be covered and marks allotted for each area.

Submission Guidelines
This will be group assignment- 3 students
Late assignments will be penalized with a 10% grade deduction for each week late maximum up to two weeks, after which the student will get a zero.
The Assignment should be submitted online and is subject to Turnitin. Plagiarism beyond 20% will result in disciplinary action.
Make appropriate use of figures and tables where applicable.
Font: Times New Roman;
Font Size: 12;

·          Introduction /5
·          Part 1- Chosen Airport runways and taxiways /15
Part 2
·          Challenges on airfield-  challenges with analysis
·          Examples of specific airports facing such challenges
·          Technologies/processes implemented to tackle such challenges
·          Challenges on airspace- challenges with analysis
·          Examples of specific airports facing such challenges
·          Technologies/processes implemented to tackle such challenges
·          Conclusion /5
·          Table of Contents/references /5

Spacing: 1.15.
Harvard style referencing both in text and reference list.
Word limit: 3000 words.
Your report will be graded as below:
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