Athletic Director Job Analysis

“Complete a job analysis for the position of interscholastic athletic director. This should be an analysis of the position of athletic director in general, not for a particular school or type of school. Your job description, however, can be written for your school.
The analysis should include the following sections:
1.  Job Requirementsa. Position summaryb. Dutiesc. Reporting Structure (supervision given and received)2. Employee requirementsa. Education and training (knowledge)
b. Skills and Aptitudes
c. Environmental and Physical
d. Certifications/Licenses3. Success Factors
4.  References (in APA format)
5. Job description (as an appendix)
Use all relevant information from the module activities to develop your Job Analysis. This should include module readings, your job analysis, the job analyses of your group members, and other resources, as applicable.
The job analysis paper should be written in an expository essay format. This may include a combination of complete sentences in paragraph form and lists (e.g. job duties). Please see the samples provided. The body of the paper should have both an introduction and conclusion. The job description should follow an acceptable format from either the samples or another reliable source. The body of your paper should be no more than 5pages in length.
Submit your final paper as a Word or PDF document to Blackboard (see the following link). See below for paper format. Follow APA guidelines for references, including in-text citations.
Your assignment will be graded according to the attached rubric
See the course schedule for the Module 2 Challenge due date.
Paper Format
Create a title page that includes the assignment title, your name, the course name, and date of submission. Insert the title and page numbers in the page headers, starting on p. 2 (with the number “”2″”).
Single-space the text of each paragraph. Left align the text, with no indent at the beginning of the paragraph, and an extra line between paragraphs (equivalent to full block in business letter format)”
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