Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management – contemporary issues influencing tourism globally

You will nominate a destination you are familiar with and undertake research from academic and industry sources to prepare a Report. NB: One student per destination per cohort. 
The Report will examine the following contemporary tourism and hotel issues relevant to the nominated destination in 2018. 
The Report will be presented as follows: 
1. Introduction (250 words) – clearly identify the nominated destination and explain what your report examines 
2. Body (1800 words) – critically examine and discuss the following contemporary tourism and accommodation issues relevant to your selected destination: 
· ◦ Tourist market potential – identify and explain one (1) new or emerging tourist market segment that would be an appropriate market for your destination
· ◦ Transport development – explain the influences of contemporary transport developments on the growth and development of your destination 
· ◦ Accommodation development – identify current trends in accommodation development that may influence the development of your destination 
· ◦ Crisis and risk management – identify current and potential crises and risks that should be considered by destination managers
· ◦ Social media influence – discuss the influence of social media on the marketing of your destination 
· ◦ Visitor experience development – identify and explain the potential of two (2) contemporary visitor experience sectors for your destination. 
3. Conclusion (350 words) a conclusion that summarises key findings from your report. 
4. Reference List – provide a list of references (industry and academic) used in this report.”
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