Assignment – Toyota Case Study

SBM – Online Executive Development Programme (Online Mini MBA) – Final
March 2021
Assignment – Toyota Case Study – March 2021
Case Study – Toyota
Programme – Online Mini MBA B3
Requirement –
 Please answer following questions based on Mini MBA learning modules and insight of the Toyota Case Study.
 Answering method – Word Document, A4, Text size – 11.
 Word limit should be 100 words per question. You may exceed if necessary.
 Type each questions’ word count after your answer.
 Save your document as “Your name – Final Assignment – OMMBA B3”
Eg: “Sandun Perera – Final Assignment – OMMBA B3”
Submit to
Deadline to submit the answers – 15th of March, 2021 by (GMT + 5.30) 11:59:59 PM
Question 1
Analyse and critically evaluate Toyota’s ability to become the market leader in the next 5 years? (Use SWOT and PEST as given below to analyse)
(Evaluate within 100 Words here……)
SWOT Analysis
PEST factors
Question 2
Anaylse Toyota’s vision, mission, organizational culture and strategic direction to come up with the most-suited leadership style for Toyota?
Question 3
Develop 3 marketing strategies for Toyota to be the market leader by 2025. Use 100 words per each strategy. (Consider Toyota’s abilities, consumer behavior, global issues, market trends and future of the industry as given on the case study)
Question 4
How effective is Strategic Management Process & Innovation to achieve respective corporate goals under the category of performance and competition? (Please read the relevant topic of the Case Study)
Question 5
How important are a strong financial position, ROI and sustainable funding sources for Toyota to implement the above proposed strategies.
Question 6
Discuss the importance of Human Resource Planning for Toyota to become the market leader in 5 years?
Question 7
How can Toyota use Change management effectively to be the market leader by 2025?
Question 8
How can coaching and mentoring be of importance for Toyota to lead their Human capital to achieve company objectives?
(Optional) Self-Reflecting on Emotional Intelligence Exercise The purpose of this exercise is to encourage you to reflect on your emotional intelligence and assess your skills/responses through an emotional intelligence lens. It uses the four sub-categories developed by Mayer and Salovey (1990) and poses questions around each.
The four sub-categories to reflect on with these questions:
 Your ability to perceive emotions in yourself and others accurately.
 Your ability to use emotions to facilitate thinking.
 Your ability to understand emotions, emotional language, and the signals conveyed by emotions.
 Your ability to manage emotions to attain specific goals.
This exercise has been adapted from Self-reflecting on Emotional Intelligence in the Positive Psychology Toolkit. Reflect on the below three questions for each of the sub-categories: 1. Where do you think you currently are in terms of your emotional intelligence relating to this area of EQ? 2. What are some of the key areas of strength for you in this area of emotional intelligence? 3. What are some of the key areas of improvement for you in this area?
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