Assignment Introduction In your Unit 4 Assignment,

Assignment IntroductionIn your Unit 4 Assignment, you submitted a final draft of specified sections of your educational research proposal. That Assignment allowed you to act upon the formative feedback provided in the Discussions for Units 1, 2, 3, and 4. In addition, if you were provided comments on your Unit 4 Assignment to improve your educational research proposal. In the Unit 6 Assignment, you will incorporate, as appropriate, all feedback and comments on your Unit 4 Assignment and the formative feedback you have received in the Unit 4 and Unit 5 Discussions. When you have completed all your changes, you should complete the Educational Research Proposal Template by adding to your “cleaned up” template (your Unit 4 Assignment) by completing the remaining elements of the template.Assignment DirectionsFor this Assignment, you should make any changes to your Unit 4 Assignment and then use that as the foundation for completing your full educational research proposal. In addition to the elements you already completed in the Unit 4 Assignment, you will need to include:MethodologyThe date collection procedure you will use to collect your dataThe quantitative research design you would use to address your research questionThe proposed inferential statistics that you would use to analyze your dataThe results that you would expect from that analysisEthical ConsiderationsThe ethical issues that you would have to address to conduct your researchLimitationsAny limitations or factors that might have influenced your resultsReferencesAll references cited in the body of the proposalYour research proposal must be in APA format, but you do not need to provide an abstract for a proposal. APA format calls for Times New Roman, Font 12, double-spaced. If you have questions about APA format, you should click on the APA Tutorial Link at the top of this Assignment.This Assignment is due on no later than midnight on Saturday of Unit 6 and is worth 500 points
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