Assignment-III: Finalization of title and research questions

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Critical Thinking Assignment 3: Module-5 & 6
Deadline:  End of Week 6

Course Name: Academic Writing and Research Skills Student’s Name:
Course Code: RES500 Student’s ID Number:
Term: CRN:  
Academic Year:

For Instructor’s Use only

Instructor’s Name:
Students’ Grade:  Marks Obtained/Out of 60 marks Level of Marks: High/Middle/Low


  • This assignment is an individual assignment.
  • Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook along with few scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.
  • Submit your findings in a 3-4 page document, excluding the title page, abstract and required reference page, which are never a part of the minimum content requirements, in the Assignment Dropbox.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments to the Turnitin Originality Check (available under Information folder on your Blackboard) prior to submitting them to your instructor for grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment to the Originality Check tool, review the TurnItIn Originality Check – Student Guide for step-by-step instructions.

An Overview about Assignment submission Time & grades:

Type of Assignment Posting Date Due date Marks Grace period*
Critical thinking Week 5 End of Week 6 60 3        days

* Grace Period: with accepted excuse (accepted by instructor) with deduction of 10% for late submission
Module 5 & 6
Assignment-III: Finalization of title and research questions (60 points)
After going through the past literature, you will develop a clear idea of the gap in the area of your selected topic. Explore this gap and find a suitable title for your chosen research topic. Please note that you are naming your research, earlier it was just broad topic. Draft research questions can be tweaked or improved with the gained knowledge from literature review. The title and the research questions can be finalized with strong logic provided by supportive literature. At this stage, you are expected to finalize the title and the research objectives.
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