Assignment: Critical Summary of Finding Dawn

Dr. Bandopadhyay
Assignment: Critical Summary of Finding Dawn
Grade: 15% of the total grade for the course
Deadline: January 31st, 2021 [by 11pm]
Word Count: 750 words; works exceeding 1000 words are unacceptable
Method of Submission: Please submit your essay as a word .doc or .docx file via UR Course email
Formatting and Referencing: MLA 8th Edition [7th Edition is also acceptable]
Font and Size: Times New Roman, 12
Spacing: Double Spaced
Assignment Description
For this assignment, you will present a critical summary of the documentary film, Finding Dawn. The introduction of your critical summary should be able to provide information about the title of the documentary, its director’s name, main topic, alongside information about the main characters/cases (who/what), methodology (how), setting (where) and timeline (when). The body paragraphs should have clear topic sentences and focus one issue. The transition between paraphs and ideas should smooth. In the conclusion comment on the function and influence of the documentary in relation to the topic it explores.
You should not use any quotations in a summary. Also avoid writing your opinion and response to the documentary or the topic it discusses. Do not engage in descriptive or interpretive exercises; simple rewrite what the documentary has shown in a brief and concise manner.
Grading Rubric
Content and Factuality
Grammar and Syntax
Body paragraphs (topic sentences, transition etc.)
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