After reading this week’s chapters,  and viewing the posted videos, do a bit of research on the medications  commonly prescribed for people with the different personality  traits/disorders, and also for children and adolescents suffering from  internalizing disorders and externalizing disorders. This discussion don’t have to be long only a few paragraphs. Don’t forget to cite.

Assignment 2
This week you are to research and compille an in-depth list of  community mental health service delivery options available in your  community for your target population.  For example if you will be  working in the schools, look for options that serve children and teens,  if you plan to work with adults, look for options that serve primarily  adults.
What you need to find out about each of the places you find is:   populations they serve, the treatment delivery options (inpatient,  outpatient, partial treatment, home intervention, aftercare etc.),  is  there someone on staff  who can prescribe and monitor medications,  what  is required for a first visit, payment options available, and how long  is the wait to see a licensed mental health clinician?
Once you have your list compiled, write an informed critique of the  service available in your community (2 pages double spaced maximum).   Give examples of populations served, undeserved, or not served at all.   This critique should be based on factual information as well as your  opinion.  Use sources to back up what you are saying when appropriate.Â
Assignment 3
After reviewing the Manson video write what your learn and what was interesting.Â

Assignment 4
Bill suffers  from auditory hallucinations (he hears voices telling him to kill). If  he tries very hard, he can keep the voices from being loud enough to  influence him, but it is tiring to do so. One day, Bill was too worn out  to stop the voices. He listened to them, picked up a gun, and shot a  complete stranger on the sidewalk.
Do you think Bill’s actions were done out of free  will. Should he be held personally responsible for his actions? Is Bill a  product of biological or psychological forces outside his control? Take  a position, explain your reasoning and describe which of the multi-path  areas explains the behavior best. You must reply/respond to at least  one other peer. If you do not reply or respond you will at the most get  1/2 credit (6 points). Be sure your reference your sources.”
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