“Please read, follow and complete A-E. Either choose scenario 1 OR 2. I have attached chapters from the text book to help with this assignment
Children’s Story

Knowing how to address a variety of situations in the early childhood setting and effectively partnering with parents to do so are important skills for all teachers and caregivers.
For this assignment, you will choose one of the following scenarios:
1. Shane has a difficult time separating from his mother each morning. At drop off, he clings to her and screams uncontrollably. After she leaves, Shane continues to scream and cry until you are able to soothe him.
2. Lisa often gets frustrated when trying to play with other children. She takes toys from their hands and even hits children with the toys.
Next, address each of the following points according to the teaching approach/setting that best reflects your style in your desired classroom setting

(e.g. Montessori,  Reggio Emilia,  Waldorf,  traditional preschool,  etc.):
a. Outline a specific plan for addressing the discipline or guidance scenario.
b. Explain how your plan would support the teaching approach/setting.
c. Describe how you will create an effective partnership with parents to address the discipline or guidance scenario.
d. Describe one or two possible obstacles you might encounter when implementing your plan.
e. Discuss how you will address these obstacles.
The paper should be three to four pages in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use at least two scholarly sources. Your paper should also be formatted according to APA style”
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