Please read attached documents and answer questions below. You may have never heard of the concept of White Privilege. It is a concept that is difficult to grapple with, yet it is a concept that has implications far beyond its surface meaning. This article is a classic article,  and  well worth the reading. When you have read it, answer the following questions in 750-1000 words:What isWhite Privilege? Is this an attempt to make all white people feel bad or look bad? What is the inherent purpose of an article like this? Why does it make a difference to our understanding of multiculturalism? Does this idea make  a difference  in your own understanding of the power structure of racism? Do you think that reading this article helps you see multiculturalism in a different light? How do we make society work so that there is more of feeling of people privilege than White privilege? Does this author make valid points? Or do you disagree with the author? Have race relations improved in the time since this article was written? Give a reason why you think so or not. Please follow grammatical conventions when you write although this is not an APA paper
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