Assignment 3.1: Writing An Email Due Week 5 And Worth 150 Points Your Supervisor Has Asked You To Write A Brief Email On The Vacation Policy Changes To Be Distributed To Staff.

Week 5 Assignment 3.1: Writing an Email
Due Week 5 and worth 150 points
Your supervisor has asked you to write a brief email on the vacation policy changes to be distributed to staff. You will need to listen to a voice mail from your supervisor with instructions on how to create the email to announce the new vacation policy. The voice mail will include specific details that must be followed in creating the email.
Listen to your supervisor’s voice mail here.
Create an email message in which you:
Create a one to two (1-2) paragraph email with five to seven (5-7) sentences that follow your supervisor’s instructions.
Target the appropriate professional audience.
Use appropriate language for a professional audience.
Use correct email formatting.
Follow appropriate netiquette rules for electronic communication.
Meet the 250-to-500-word minimum requirement.
Use correct sentence mechanics, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.
Provide the following heading on page one of your email and then begin your email:
TO: Insert Professor’s Name
FROM: Insert Your Name
DATE: Insert Assignment’s Due Date
RE: Create a title that relates to your topic and gets your audience’s attention
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