Assignment #03

Use a diet analysis program to analyze the 5-day plan that you submitted in Assignment #2. You can use any program that you like.  However, I suggest SuperTracker.  It is a free online program provided by the USDA.  You can find it at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
 Create an account and input the 5 days of the plan and run a nutrient report that summarizes the nutrient makeup of your planned diet.  In SuperTracker, it’s called Nutrients Reports.
 You can input your food/meals using the Food Tracker.  Food Tracker can be found under the Track Food & Activity menu. Please input each of the 5 days of the plan on 5 consecutive calendar days in SuperTracker.  You can pick any recent date range. The dates are not as important as inputting for 5 consecutive days.
After you input your 5 days, please run the Nutrients Reports. It’s available under the My Reports menu. When you 1st run the report, you will be prompted for a date range.  Use the dates for which you inputted data.  You can save/download the report as a PDF file.  Please attach/upload this PDF file to your assignment submission.  If you can’t find the exact food, find the best alternative.
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