For this individual assignment, each student must undertake secondary data research (at least 10-15 relevant journal articles) and produce an essay that addresses the essay topic. You must also include annotated bibliographies of five journal (5) articles. The journal articles used for annotated bibliographies can be included in the essay.

 Essay Topic:

  Discuss a few common reasons for poor schedule performance in construction projects and suggest how those delay risks can be avoided or managed.


For decades, construction projects have been characterised by poor cost and schedule performances. The late completion of construction projects is a serious and chronic problem in the construction industry (Sun and Meng, 2009; Kazaz et al., 2012). Construction delays can be defined as the time overrun either beyond the contract date or beyond the date that the parties agreed upon for the delivery of a project (Assaf and Al-Hejji, 2006). When a construction project is delayed beyond the scheduled completion date, significant additional costs can be experienced by the contractor, the owner, or both (Trauner et al., 2009). This has been particularly noticeable for large public construction projects where cost overruns and time delays have long been regarded as a common occurrence (Adam et al., 2015). In a study by KPMG (2013), 77 per cent of the total executives interviewed from 165 engineering and construction companies around the world identified delays among the topmost reasons for the underperformance of construction projects. The delays can disturb project cash flow and may lead to cost overruns and penalties in construction projects. In special situations, delays may even turn a profitable venture into an unviable project (Głuszak and Leśniak, 2015).


Hasan, A and Jha, KN 2019, Client and contractor roles in schedule incentive/disincentive projects: an empirical study from India, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 386-407.


You must use journal articles only, rather than conference articles, blogs, and textbooks, to find the information for this essay. For data on projects delays in the construction industry, you can refer to government websites/data/reports. It is crucial to analyse the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of current knowledge to form your own opinions. There is no ‘correct answer’ to an essay – your task is to form a valid opinion based on the existing research.


The assignment should be submitted as a single A4 pdf document. Please note the word count for your essay and annotated bibliography components separately on the front page of your submission. The overall structure of assignment 1 should be:

  • 5 Annotated Bibliographies (Full Reference, Research aim, research method, key findings, critical analysis of key findings, and reflection on how this work connects to your current assignment); 180-220 words each x 5 bibliographies = 900-1100 words (excluding word count of references).
  • Essay (Introduction, Body of the essay [include specific sub-headings], Conclusions, References) – 1800-2200 words (excluding word count of references). The essay must conform to workplace standards for a formal essay structure and format and be fully referenced in the Author-Date (Harvard – DU)

Note: The annotated bibliography will not be included in calculating the number of words for the essay.


An online Zoom seminar will be held in Week 2 to discuss requirements in detail with online students.

SRM776 Introduction to Construction Management

ASSESSMENT 1 CRITERIA: Assignment weighting 20%

HD D C P N Value
Excellent annotated Very good annotated The annotated The annotated There are serious 30
bibliographies that are bibliographies that are bibliographies provide bibliographies provide deficiencies in the
descriptive and evaluative. descriptive and evaluative. acceptable descriptions basic descriptions, annotated
They provide outstanding They provide strong and evaluations. They evaluations and bibliographies, such that
evidence of the relevance evidence of the relevance provide evidence of the evidence of the they do not provide
and quality of each and quality of each relevance and quality of relevance and quality of evidence of the
reference.    reference.    each reference. each reference   relevance and quality of
  each reference.
The essay analysis is The analysis is thorough Most articles on which The analysis is basic Analysis is superficial, 50
insightful and thorough and and is based on relevant the analysis is based with your opinion with no clear opinion
is based on relevant articles. Main opinions are are relevant. You have requiring clarity and and limited discussion.
articles. Main opinions are clear but could show more formed an opinion that is links to relevant articles. Less than 10 journal
very clear and well links to appropriate articles. supported by a Less than 10 journal articles have been
supported by a detailed 10-15 journal articles have developing analysis. 10- articles have been reviewed and included
discussion of appropriate been reviewed and 15 journal articles have reviewed and included in the essay.
articles. More than 15 included in the essay. been reviewed and in the essay.
journal articles have been included in the essay.
reviewed and included in
the essay.
Essay demonstrates Essay demonstrates good Essay demonstrates Essay demonstrates Serious problems exist 20
exceptional academic academic writing and acceptable academic basic academic writing, with writing, structure
writing and structure. structure with appropriate writing and structure. structure and and/or referencing.
There is appropriate use of use of construction There are some referencing. There are Taken as a whole, the
construction terminology terminology. There is terminology, spelling multiple errors. writing does not meet
with minimal or no spelling minimal or no spelling and and grammatical errors. the minimum standards.
and grammatical errors. grammatical errors. References mainly
References comply with References comply with comply with the required
required style with few required style with few style.
errors. errors. Minor errors and
omissions in structure,
spelling or referencing.
Total Possible Mark 100



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