Assessment Task 1

Assessment Task 1
Written reflection on language learning and teaching. 2000 words
In your assignment you must demonstrate:
• well-written academic English
• your thinking and a critical understanding of how your position relates to relevant readings
• how you have developed your argument by using the evidence from the readings.
You must consistently and accurately reference what you have read, both in the text and in the reference list using APA 7.
work must be YOUR OWN. Your work will be returned with comments and a grade. Unsatisfactory work cannot be resubmitted
Description of Task 1
Write about your responses to the following questions.
• What is language?
• Why should additional languages be learned?
• How is an additional language learned?
• How should an additional language best be taught?
View the video of the language lesson provided for you in LMS and critique it based on your view of language and how additional languages should be best taught.
Draw on ideas from the set readings for this subject to shape and inform your critique.
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