Assessment parameters: originality & conceptualize & feasibility

The first challenge the solution of the challenge within three pages, maximum.
The second challenge & the third challenge The solution of each challenge should not exceed two pages.
Assessment parameters: originality & conceptuality & feasibility
First challenge: A management model
In the mid of the 20th century, Toyota Production System (TPS) was developed by an automotive manufacturer, Toyota, and since then it became well known as a powerful management system even in healthcare industry.
In the Kingdom of Saud Arabia, a management experience proved its success and pre-eminence. Through its announced statistics and published reports, one can see the well-designed structure underneath its operations: Al Masjid Al Haram in Mecca.
In your opinion, does this experience fit to be a management model? Why?
Provide an illustration of the management model of Al Masjid Al Haram?
One tip: TPS may inspire your thoughts about the contents of a management system.
As a healthcare manager, would you be able to replicate this management experience in healthcare? Explain?
Second challenge: elderly homes
The attached link presents a model of health care provided to people with dementia by integrating the institutional care concept with a community-based living arrangement.

Would you recommend adapting such a model to Saudi healthcare system?
What are the factors that might contradict/prove such a model?
Based on A & B, what would be your suggested program OR model to provide health care for people with dementia in Saudi Arabia. (brief description)
Third challenge: individuals with disability
The inclusion national program aims to enable individuals with disability to participate in their communities as competent citizens. Within the socioecological framework, provide a suggestion that represent a comprehensive disability inclusion program targeted to one of the following disabilities: visual impairment, hearing impairment, or autism.
b Determinant c Intervention Evaluation / Impact Evaluation / Outcome
Socio-Ecological Framework (Stokols, et al)
What are the desired outcomes for the health and health behaviors of individuals with (your selected disability)?
What are the determinants of the health of individuals with (your selected disability) at each level?
What are the interventions at each of these levels?
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