assessment for the ENG 204 course

Working Draft (25%) – Due Week Nine
The working draft carries a large number of points in the assessment for the ENG 204 course.  There are two reasons for this:

  1. We want to encourage you to begin writing early and invest time in producing a good quality rough draft of your paper. This will enable you to receive feedback from your instructor in time to make the best use of it.
  2. This course aims to develop your independence as writers. Of the three drafts, the Working Draft reflects most accurately your independent ability to produce a well- crafted and organized text.

You are encouraged to produce as full a Working Draft as possible so that you may benefit from feedback on the work you have done.
What to include in the Working Draft
The Working Draft is an 8-10-page (2550 – 3200 word) draft which should include:
 Working title
 Introduction (~1 page)
The introduction provides an appropriate and compelling entry to the paper by developing relevant background information on the topic and states the research question(s) and research thesis.
Body (~7-8 pages)
This is the developing organized body of the essay, using APA headings and incorporating appropriate sources. It should contain a discussion of at least one fully developed main point/argument. It synthesizes information from several scholarly and credible sources to support the developed point/argument.
Conclusion (~½ page)
This is an in-process paragraph that summarizes the main points.
This is an APA style reference list, containing all and only the sources cited in the working draft.
 Rubric for Evaluating the Working Draft (25%)
The Working Draft is an 8-10-page (2550 – 3200 word) draft which includes an introduction, a developing body synthesizing relevant research sources, a conclusion, and a list of references.

Elements Score
Introduction (~1 page)  
  Provides appropriate and compelling entry to the topic  
  Includes and develops relevant background information  
  States research question(s)/research thesis  
  Body (~7-8 pages)  
  Presents an effectively organized body with sections  
  Includes headings that reflect the paper organization  
  Supports points/arguments with credible and relevant source material and cites definitions of key terms/ideas as applicable  
  Synthesizes several scholarly and credible sources  
  Demonstrates critical thinking and analysis  
  Conclusion  (~½ a page)        /5
  Summarizes main points  
References        /15
  Uses correct APA in-text citations  
  Includes correct APA references  
  Reference list contains all and only the cited texts  
Mechanics          /10
  Is accurate in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word choice  
Format/layout           /5
  Follows APA page layout (title page, running head, headings, font)  
Total       /100

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