Assessment criteria

Task 1
1(a) The aim behind this is to provide guidance to the reader on who the
organisation is, what they do and which theme has been chosen.
Use the titles provided as subheadings:
Organisation name
Organisation information – including type of organisations NFP, B2B, B2C
and legal entity), size of organisation, range of products and services,
customer base and main competitors.
Stakeholders – summary of key internal and external stakeholders.
Key customer segment – give an overview of a selected key customer
segment. Alongside the theme, this enables you to set the context.
Theme chosen and rationale for choice. Give some data to back up why
you have chosen your theme, e.g. sales figures, market growth, market
research, current targets, etc
It should be a maximum of 2 sides of A4 and be the first thing presented in
Task One.
You can use information provided for a previous assignment as the basis of
this but it will need to be adapted for this specific assignment.
1(b) Analyse the effectiveness of the skills mix and current planned activities
of the marketing team, and evaluate their working relationships, in order to
deliver the changes required to support your chosen organisation’s objective.
750 words, 15 marks, AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Assessment criteria 2
This task requires you to consider:
The current skills of, or available to, the marketing team and identification
of any gaps that need to be filled.
How effectively the team can work together and leverage the available
skills to deliver the activities they are responsible for.
What changes are required to deliver your chosen growth strategy?
You must deliver an analysis of the current skills mix:
You can adapt from Roetzer table template
Assessment criteria 3
Add some further narrative to support the table about the priorities for
You must consider the team working relationships, and could consider:
Team roles and team development theory
Managing and resolving conflict theory
1(c): ‘Managing people’
Analyse internal and external data to assess the current performance of the
marketing team, and recommend a suitable approach to recruiting the required
skills, in order to achieve the organisation’s objective. 500 words, 10 marks,
AC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
This task requires you to:
Source and analyse performance data to further identify and reinforce the
presence of skills gaps and the need to fill them.
Recommend ways to plug the skills gaps via recruitment, up-skilling or
outsourcing, to enable delivery of the chosen growth strategy.
Plugging the gaps:
You need to state how you can fill the gaps identified in 1B. You might
Training and development theory
Recruitment & selection approaches
Outsourcing approaches
Motivation theory
Assessment criteria 4
Task 2A
Assessment criteria 5
Task 2B
Use some auditing tools:
resource based view
Porter’s Value Chain
Resource Portfolio
Assessment criteria 6
2b recomendations:
Assessment criteria 7
Assessment criteria 8
Assessment criteria 9
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