Assessment 3: Final Project Output–Rapid Review (1000 to 1200 words)

What will be sought in assessing the reports?
• Was given feedback utilised to revising and improving the report?
• Is the report coherent?
• How is the report presented (easy to follow, well laid out)?
• Grammar and sentence structure?
Full name:
Student number:
Project Title:
Subject Coordinator:
Due Date:
Word Count:
Executive Summary: (100- 150 words)
• Often this is the only bit of a report that most individuals read. Your executive summary will be assessed based on its ability to summarise the project and findings concisely and clearly.
Main findings:
Background: (250- 300 words)
• Clear articulation of aims, objectives and scope of the project.
• How the report conceptualised the project question and linked it project design?
• Succinctly written literature review of the literature that highlights the key knowledge gaps.
Findings: (200- 300 words)
• How well has the scope of data collection been implemented to answer or address the project aims or objectives?
• What level of effort has been applied at compiling and analysing the data?
• Are the results clearly presented?
• Is there any evidence that the analysis has gone in innovative directions?
• Is there any evidence of initiative with regards to the types of analyses?
PRISMA 2009 Flow Diagram
5. Discussion: (450- 500 words)
• How well does the report link the results to the aims of the project and to the literature?
6. Conclusions and limitations: (150- 250)
• Are the conclusions supported by the data collection and analysis?
• Are the limitations clearly identified?
• A commentary on the successfulness of the project. Were the aims are achieved, what do you consider to be the most important outcomes of the project and why?
• What were the major limitations to the project?
• A commentary on what aspects of the project, if any, you would change if you were to undertake the project again and why.
7. References: (No word limit)
• Is the report sufficiently and correctly referenced with appropriate and evidence based
8.Appendices: (No word limit)
• Are these, relevant, logical, and easy to follow?
• Do they convey the data well?
• Are they used effectively?
• Do they have appropriate titles and numbering?
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