ASS099-2 The Social Sciences at Work


Submission Deadline Marks and Feedback
Before 10am on:
20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7)
15 working days after deadline (L6)
10 working days after deadline (block delivery)


Unit title & code ASS099-2 The Social Sciences at Work
Assignment number and title ASS 1 The Portfolio
Assignment type CW-ePort
Weighting of assignment 100%
Size or length of assessment 1500 words, plus CV, cover letter and references
Unit learning outcomes 1      Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:
Employment opportunities related to your subject area and interests and the skills, knowledge, experience and attributes that are required to work in these contexts.
2      Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
To be self-reflective about your personal skills, attributes and abilities and how these compare with what is required for your future employment


What am I required to do in this assignment?
Produce a portfolio which includes:
·         A CV (2 sides of A4)
·         A cover letter/email to secure a work-based observation opportunity or job interview
·         A reflective account that includes an introduction, identifies aims for the activities associated with the work-based observation and a Personal Development Plan that is presented as a table using SMART (1500 words)
·         References (min 10, maximum 3 websites)
·         Appendix 1 – confirmation of WBO (option 1 )
A portfolio which contains:
ž  Introduction – Why you couldn’t do WBO etc.
ž   Your graduate destination – What? Why? etc.
ž  Role analysis – history, trends, etc.
ž  A current job description and person specification of your ideal job – Appendix 1
ž  Reflection – what you already have – skills and experience and what you will need to get in order to meet the person specification
ž  Personal Development Plan
ž  CV and covering letter as if you were seeking WBO
ž  References – 10
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
ž  Reflectively underpinned personal development planning detailing the personal skills, attributes and abilities you currently offer, how these compare with what is required for your future employment, and what steps you now need to take to achieve your graduate employment goals
ž  Understanding of the employment opportunities related to your subject area and interests and the skills, knowledge, experience and attributes that are required to work in these contexts.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
Each week the unit will cover content that will help you to plan for your assignment. The unit content is delivered over 6 weeks. You are then expected to be carrying out a 15 hour work-based observation that you use to reflect in your portfolio. If you are unable to do this there is an alternative assignment which asks you to assess your suitability for a graduate role that you identify.
The unit content is designed to enable you to develop the elements of the portfolio in an incremental way, starting with the CV and cover letter. You are encouraged to use the services of the Careers and Employability Service to have your CV checked. The Service can also help you with securing a work-based observation and you are actively encouraged to make contact with them at the start of the unit.


How will my assignment be marked?
Your assignment will be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.
You can use them to evaluate your own work and consider your grade before you submit.
  3rd Class – 40-49% Lower 2nd – 50-59% Upper 2nd – 60-69% 1st Class – 70%+
Focus, written expression, and adherence to assignment guidelines
The work does not follow the portfolio structure as required but all elements are included, although the rationale for the choices pursued are less clear in the introduction.
Written expression needs improving. The submission just meets the assessment criteria in this aspect.
The structure of the portfolio is in line with guidance given. All elements are included Written expression is fluid and coherent and the rationale given in the introduction is clear. The portfolio is well presented and the reader is easily able to navigate the component parts. A rationale is apparent in the introduction for the choices made. Written expression is at a good standard and includes reflection on growth and development. The portfolio is presented to a high standard. Written expression demonstrates a high degree of articulation and reflective skill which is evidenced in the documents included. It offers clarity of the choices made and pursued through the unit.
2. Knowledge and understanding
CV and cover letter
The portfolio evidences a minimal understanding of the employment role related to the subject. The CV and covering letter are adequate for the purpose The portfolio evidences an understanding of the employment role related to the subject. The CV and covering letter are in line with guidance offered on the unit and appropriate for the purpose The portfolio evidences a clear understanding of the employment role /organization(s) concerned. The CV and covering letter are designed specifically to address this. The portfolio evidences a high level of understanding of the desired employment role. An excellent CV and covering letter is produced which reflects this understanding to a high standard and reflects well the guidance offered in class.
3. Reflection and evaluation – Reflection and Personal Development Plan
The reflection identifies the student’s plans, observations made on the WBO (if relevant), current skills and what needs to be addressed to achieve future goals. The PDP supports this. The reflection provides clarity about the student’s plans after university, observations made on the WBO, their current skills and how these compare with what is required for their future employment destination. The PDP is SMART and relevant for the role identified The reflection evidences a secure approach to personal development planning and the steps needed to take to achieve the graduate employment goals. There is evidence of the WBO informing the student’s plans. The SMART PDP addresses these areas. Insightful and realistic, the reflection evidences a clear understanding of the next steps required and is informed by observations from the WBO. Self-awareness of current personal skills, attributes and abilities as well as gaps is evident. The personal development planning steps required to secure graduate destination of choice are presented as a SMART PDP
4. Use of literature and referencing
At least 10 (max 3 websites)
Minimal literature is cited. Referencing is poor not in line with guidance and inadequate for the purposes of the task Referencing is mostly presented in line with Harvard guidance and sources are relevant and meets minimum requirements.
The references used are relevant and citation correct. A good range of sources is identified The work is appropriately supported with relevant and correctly cited references which demonstrates advanced engagement with the literature and is cited correctly throughout.


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