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1) Task 1 -e: • Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables. • General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all the tasks. [4 Marks] • Resources identified for completion of the given tasks. The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle. 2) Task 2 – Read the given research article titled “Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cities: Systematic Literature Network Analysis” and Write a reflective report on: (i) The proposed definitions of Artificial Intelligence by (a) Nilsson (b) Zielinski and (c) Ramesh et al; (Please note that the explanation should not reproduce the given definitions, rather a brief reflection of what made the authors to define AI in that way). (ii) The contribution of Artificial Intelligence in applications involving (a) autonomous planning such as in public lighting, electricity supply, Waste Management (b) Education with a focus on Language Understanding and Problem Solving (c) Health Care with a focus on diagnosis of diseases. ( 3) Task 3 – Consider an ideal agent for controlling the operations of each of the three Elevators (Lifts) in an apartment which are located side by side and works on a mutually exclusive way. Assume that the capacity of each of the elevator is identical. Also assume that the apartment is of a maximum of 7 floors. (i) Describe such an agent in your own words by focusing on the Actions that can be performed, the Percepts for the actions and the Performance Measures that can be adopted. (ii) Design a simulator for the agent described above, implement it using any programming language of your choice that could be suitable for implementing ideal/intelligent agents and submit a detailed report focusing on the screen design, snapshots of the code of the key logic, overall working of the simulator.
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