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MossiereandMaeder(2016) articleI need to write a article summary. There is a lot of guidelines to follow. The paper needs to be 8- 12 pages long. I have attached the article that needs to be summarized and below is the guidelines on how to write the article
Introduction (8 MARKS)
• Identify the purpose of the study. What is/are the research question(s) being studied?
• What is/are the hypothesis/hypotheses?
• Why is the study important? Comment briefly on the context of past research reviewed by
the author(s).
Method (8 MARKS)
• Describe the sample that was used in the study (e.g., who were the participants? How were
they sampled/selected/assigned to groups? Number of participants; Describe the
demographics of the sample)
• How did the researchers collect the data?
• Describe one questionnaire, measure, or task used in the study.
Analyses & Results (6 MARKS)
• Identify/describe ONE type of statistical analyses used (do NOT describe a procedure or
• Identify and briefly describe ONE table or figure included in the article.
• Describe ONE of the major findings.
Discussion (10 MARKS)
• Did the results support the study’s hypothesis/hypotheses? Explain.
• What is ONE practical or applied implication of this study? Explain.
• Describe TWO limitations of the study?
• Describe TWO strengths of the study?
Compare & Contrast (10 MARKS)
• Discuss your study’s findings/importance in the context of related research (as discussed in
your textbook).
• Do the findings of your study seem consistent with, or in contrast to, the results of similar
research? How so?
• Describe what future research should be done in this area (you only need to describe ONE
suggestion for future research).
Future Research: Design your own study (10 MARKS)
• Develop a hypothesis you would want to test in your proposed study (must be related to the
content area of the article you are reviewing)
• Describe the sample you will be using and why you have selected this sample (offenders,
youth, forensic psychiatric patients, community)
• Describe the measures or tasks you will be giving to your participants
• Describe the procedure (how will the study be done – longitudinal, cross-sectional, online
• If your hypothesis is supported, what would be ONE practical or applied implication from
your study
General Writing (8 MARKS)
• Adhere to the general requirements described above (e.g., page limits, clear/concise
writing, well-organized paper of substance, etc.).
• Proof-read your paper (ensure proper grammar/spelling and sentence/paragraph structure,
avoid typos, etc.)
• Ensure you have provided citations, avoided the use of direct quotes (a couple are fine),
paraphrased the information from the article (still need to cite the article even if you have paraphrased).
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