Article on Evolution of Literature from Ancient Times to Digital Literature.

Write an article on Evolution of Literature from ancient times to Digital literature which should cover the following points. Give a brief overview of the same.
• Relationship of man with literature since ancient times with reference to Plato and Aristotle and even before to oral narratives.
• Relationship of technology and literature.
• Relationship of literature with technology over time (from the Gutenberg press to the Mass Media explosion to the New Media explosion).
• Explanation of the terms Mass Media vs New Media.
• Digital literature/ Electronic literature /New Media literature – refer to and explain these terms.
• What is Digital Literature?
o definition and explanation – to include the digital born literature (poetry, story, also from oral storytelling to radio stories to podcasts, – should include OTT platforms?? ) – its birth, its history – in the framework of popular culture…
o Unique features, varieties, examples.
o Practitioners & critics’ views
Kindly Note:
1. All examples and all references used have to be strictly till 2016. It should not refer to any developments after 2016
2. Word Limit should be between 5,000 – 6000 words + Bibliography in MLA Style
3. Every chapter to begin with an epigraph from literature
4. No content should be from Wikipedia
5. No use of paraphrasing tools which just change synonyms to avoid plagiarism and makes the entire sentence incomprehensible.
6. Content should be Plagiarism free.
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