article about a Corporate Communication

Find an article about a Corporate Communication (CC) topic that interests YOU! You will need to read the article, summarize the article content, and answer the corresponding research assignment questions.
ACTIVITY 1: Find an article about a CC issue or topic that interests you!
1. Select an article about a CC issue or topic that interests you. The selected article must come from a scientific journal or news magazine. The article must have been published in the last twelve months and it should be at least 2 full pages of content. You may access an article on-line, but it should come from a source that also produces a print version. Examples are below, I encourage you to use these sources when looking for your research article:
• Communication or Management Journals / Reviews (HBR)
• News magazine – Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, etc. (Unacceptable sources include sources that are only on a web such as,, Wikipedia, a local newspaper article, etc.)
ACTIVITY 2: Summarize the article:
2. Write a summary essay (minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages) about the article you read.
A. Give the correct, full citation (APA style) for the article at the beginning of the paper. (
B. The summary must be written in your own words and it must be complete.
C. You may use quotes from the article very sparingly (I don’t want to see an entire paragraph in groups or even ½ of a paragraph in quotes).
ACTIVITY 3: Answer the following questions about the article:
3. Whenever you read a scientific article you should consider the validity of the article. This is usually done by evaluating the material and by asking a number of questions about the article. When evaluating an article, you should always consider the source of the information presented, the presentation of the information, and the validity of the article. Please answer the following questions on the next page. Be sure your answers are complete, well-written, and grammatically correct. Your response to all of the questions should be between 1-2 pages.
• Are the qualifications and expertise of the author stated? If so, what are they (if they are not stated, be sure to state this)?
• Could you tell the writers’ attitude towards the issue? How? Were all sides of the issue represented? What, if any sides or viewpoints, were left out? Do you think the article was biased? Why or why not?
• Did the article in any way change your perception and/or interest in the subject? Discuss why or why not?
It should be well written and grammatically correct. proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar. Should be 3-4 pages total in length. See specific criteria below:
1. Margins not more than 1.0 inch on any side.
2. Spacing should be no more than 1.5.
3. Text font used should be no bigger than 12 point (note, your title can be 14 point).
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