Application of Social Cognitive Theory in understanding consumer pass on behavior – Assignment help

Application of Social Cognitive Theory in understanding consumer pass-on behavior

1. Try to study the Social cognitive theory by Bandura (refer to the attached journals) and additional journal articles.
2. Based on past literature, add three personal factors, and add three environmental factors.
3. Consider if you interested in religiosity (or suggest one) to add new in the theory. Review past literature.
4. Try to do a Literature matrix (just type in youtube) to guide you to write
Follow this guideline, start with 2.1. ok? One week for 2.1.
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Research problems
1.3 Research questions
1.4 Research objectives
1.5 Significant of the study
1.6 Definition of terms
Chapter 2: Literature Review
2.1 Past studies – start with literature matrix, maybe try to search for 20 journals articles with the key work of ‘viral marketing’ Try to learn from this video ( and write literature (
2.2 The Social Cognitive Theory
2.3 Operational definitions
2.4 Hypothesis Development
2.5 Proposed Framework
Chapter 3: Methodology
3.1 Research design
3.2 Population and Sampling
3.3 Instrument Development
3.4 Pilot test
3.5 Statistical test
Based on the journal 1:
1. Differentiate between citation and reference. Citation use in writing at the text – Bandura (2012), a reference list at the end of the paper, that you listed in the table. When preparing a literature matrix, use citations.
2. Refer to the framework: The DV is behavior, mediators – outcome expectations, goals, sociostructural factors; the IV is self-efficacy. Try to use the logic, what at the left side is the IV, what at the right side is the DV, what at the middle is the mediator.
3. The 1st journal that you review is the theory it can use to develop your proposed research framework. (keep this later we will discuss which theory we want to use).
4. When you search for past literature use the correct keyword. Use the DV that you are interested in. Try to search journal articles again. Use the keyword ‘pass-on behavior’ and ‘viral marketing’.
5. Try to search for 5 journal articles and prepare the literature matrix.
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