The paper expands on the apple swot analysis. Apple is a US-based company with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. It is a multinational technology company and a trusted brand that has grown over the years. Apple was founded in the year 1976. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne were the key pioneers and founders of this company.

The company sells its products to more than 100 countries all over the world. These products are online services, computer software, and consumer electronics. People use them widely. Tim Cook is the current CEO with Apple trading on NASDAQ.

A lot of details in regards to Apple are not here. Our main focus is on Apple’s SWOT analysis in particular. You can contact elite academic brokers who can assist in giving full and in-depth details on Apple and how it operates. We can help out by giving a full overview of Apple’s products and assisting you with computer assignments regarding Apple.

Our main focus, for now, is the SWOT analysis of Apple, which is a strategic management decision-making tool used to help address issues affecting the company. Given below are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by Apple.

Apple’s Strengths

The following are the strengths in Apple and strategies that can use to create a competitive advantage over the other companies.
Innovation Apple’s unique ability to produce innovative products is outstanding.

Apple has designed unique and easy to use products being a solution to the consumers. The design of the innovative products is in regards to the latest trends in technology. From Macbook being among the first innovative products to iWatch being the latest, Apple has been able to dominate the technology industry along with other big tech companies.

This has been a major strength in Apple. That is strong brand image and identity. Apple’s products are used internationally over the years. The rankiIt has been ranked position one for seven consecutive years for the most valuable brand. Apple has maintained a high level of quality for its products hence a strong brand recognition to its customers and clients.

Global coverage Apple’s operations are widespread in most countries all over the world. The market for Apple’s product is distributed globally hence a strong market base with stores in most countries and online channels. This increases the sales of Apple’s products hence financial gains.

Strong research and development Apple have a strong research and development department aimed at carefully studying the market and its customers to understand their requirements and the gap they need to fill to keep up with the latest innovations.

Apple’s Weaknesses


apple swot
Incompatibility Apple’s products are incompatible with other devices as these products do not support third-party software. The exclusivity of Apple’s products has a large impact on consumer decision making as they have to purchase and use Apple’s apps and accessories with Apple’s products where some apps are rather expensive to them.

High-priced products Apple’s products are relatively expensive charging premium prices across all its products. The market share for Apple’s products is low in developing countries as most people are low-income earners and cannot afford Apple’s products.

The other smartphones take the market share as their products are lowly priced. The high-priced Apple products are mostly affordable to middle and high-income earners.
Narrow product line Apple has a limited number of varieties with its range and set of products being narrow. The narrow range in the products is a major weakness as a failure of certain products will drastically affect Apple as a company since all the products contribute to the growth in revenue.

Apple’s Opportunities

Product diversification Apple’s strategy to add more products to their portfolio will be of great value in terms of competing with other companies in the technology industry. Offering these increased products at a cheaper price especially to the developing countries will ensure increased sales since middle and low-income customers will be able to purchase the product.

Expansion of the distribution network Investment in the marketing and promotions department will help Apple increase its operation globally. This can help Apple’s distribution and creation of a market for its products internationally. Sales will increase as potential customers will be reached hence the growth in the company’s revenues due to the expansive distribution network.
Smart wearable technology This is a great opportunity for Apple because according to statistics the smart wearable technology will dominate the world soon. In this case, Apple has a huge opportunity to design and produce other wearable products apart from the Apple Watch. This will help generate more profits for the company if it takes that opportunity.

Apple’s Threats

Increasing Competition Emergence of new technology companies and also the existing companies producing the same products as Apple is a major threat.

These competitors include Google, Samsung, Sony, Dell, Nokia, and others. Most of these products offer and sell their products at a cheaper price as compared to Apple with their technological advancements and features almost the same as those of Apple.

This tends to attract most consumers who will eventually buy these products hence a major threat for Apple.
Imitation Apples counterfeit products have been made and sold in most markets especially the third world countries.

The third world countries sell the counterfeit products the same price as original products. When consumers buy these counterfeit products thinking it is the original product, they end up getting poor quality and Apple getting reviews and bad publicity for this.

At other times, people steal technology. This happens when Apple produces launches a new product. Other companies produce a replica of the substitute hence a major threat.
Market penetration in smartphones This is a major threat as other brands are penetrating the smartphone market. These companies are using android software for their smartphones and they include Lenovo, Samsung, HTC, and others. The android market is higher as compared to Apple’s market share. This is a threat to Apple in the case of the smartphone.


The swot analysis given is specific to Apple. It is a major decision tool which helps to point out issues that need  addressing for more profit generation. And factor that Apple can continue maximizing which are the strengths and weaknesses.

These will contribute to the major growth of the company. Please feel to contact us at Elite Academic Brokers for details regarding Apple SWOT ,importance of SWOT and other research topics.

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