APA Quantitative

Quantitative Research Critique Guide and Rubric


Using APA 7th format, following these guide and rubric, critique the quantitative research article attached.  

Work must be ORIGINAL- Plagiarism FREE!!     BSN – Nursing level .



ts Met






Did not meet


Include title of article and author.  Does the title relate to the paper? How? 2.5 2.0-2.5 1.5-1.9 0
Does the abstract provide a concise summary of the research report? 2.5 2.0-2.5 1.5-1.9 0
What is the Problem statement?  Is the problem/purpose clearly stated? Is it easy to identify and locate? Is it significant to nursing? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Review of the Literature. Is the literature cited recent? Were primary sources used? Is the review sources relevant to the stated problem? Does the review provide a solid basis for the study?


 15 12-15 7-11 0-6
Conceptual/ Theoretical Framework. Is there   a theoretical or conceptual framework, rationale, and/or map, and is it appropriate?

Are key concepts adequately defined conceptually?


5 4-5 2-3 0-1
What is the Hypothesis or research question?  Is it explicitly stated? Are key variables and the study population included in the hypothesis? Is the hypothesis directional? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Protections of Human Participants: Were appropriate procedures used to safeguard the rights of study participants? Was the study subject to external review by the IRB   review board? Was study designed to minimize risk? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Research Design:  Was the most rigorous possible design used? Did the study design minimize biases and threats to internal constructs and external validity of the study? What type of study is it?  Explain. 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Population, Setting, Sample:  What was the population?  How were the subjects obtained? What was the sampling method?  Was the sample large enough?  Was a power analysis used to estimate sample size? Were demographics included?


5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Instrumentation:  Were the operational and conceptual definitions congruent? Have the actual items and questions been provided?  Were the instruments appropriate?  Did the authors discuss the validation or reliability of the data? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Data Collection and Measurement:  How was the data collected?  What statistical test(s) were used to interpret the data? Were type 1 and type 11 errors avoided? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Data Analysis:  Quantitative:  Did the researcher name the method of analysis they used and provide a reference for it?  Did the researchers state specifically how the method of analysis was applied? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Findings/Results:  Does the researcher refer back to the research hypotheses, purpose, or questions originally stated in the introduction?  Was the presentation of the results comprehensible?  Is the presentation of the results adequate? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Interpretation of Data:  EffectsofLowBackPainonFunctionalDisabilityLevelandQualityofLifeinNursesWorkinginaUniversityHospital 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
Implications/Recommendations:  Is the research likely to help in clinical decision making?  Is this study worthy of publication in an academic journal?  Did the authors mention any future studies?  Did this research add to the body of nursing knowledge? 5 4-5 2-3 0-1
APA Format 10 8-10 4-7 0-3
Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation 10 8-10 4-7 0-3
Total Points 100





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