Anticipatory Socialization

1.) Identify at least two of the five informational sources that you believe influenced your thoughts and ideas about work and the type of career you might want to (or are) pursuing.2.) Then, briefly explain how these two informational sources impacted your thoughts and feelings about work. Provide specific examples of messages and/or experiences that “socialized” you to view work and organizations the way that you do.For example, if family is one of your informational sources, you might provide examples of specific things your parent(s) said and did that influenced your thoughts and ideas about work. Likewise, if you’re discussing part-time job experiences, you could describe a specific event or experience you had in a part-time position that shaped your view of work life.3.) Finally, do you think these two informational sources had a positive, negative, or neutral impact on your work experiences and how you view organizations and employment? Please explain.
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