anthropological research into epidemic effects on culture,” and, “anthropological research into how epidemics change a culture

For this assignment, I would like you to compare and contrast pandemic responses between your native country and a different one. There’s probably not a lot of published research on this yet, but there may be some, and there are a lot of news reports on the subject. Additionally, there is published anthropological research on epidemic effects on culture. For example, here are a few that could pertain to an assignment such as this (I found these by searching Google with the phrase, “anthropological research into epidemic effects on culture,” and, “anthropological research into how epidemics change a culture”):
So, I want you to compare and contrast the response from your culture with the response from another culture to this pandemic, and in your discussion section, you should also address how the pandemic may fundamentally change those cultures even after it has passed.
To write this up, you should use the format described in the General Course Questions discussion forum. You should provide an introduction, in which you will identify your research questions and provide background information on anthropological research relevant to this topic. Then, you will have a methods section where you will describe the methods you used to collect your data. Then, you will have a results section where you will present your data. Then, you will have a discussion section where you will interpret what you observed. This is where you want to discuss what the data suggest about the broader culture. For example, if you observed that people sit in a community type setting and talk to people they don’t know and didn’t come with, then you might interpret that to mean the broader culture is more community oriented versus more of a focus on individualism. In this section, you also want to present previous anthropological research that backs up your interpretation. Finally, you will have a conclusion where you will then summarize your findings, discuss any weaknesses of your study, and present options for future research. Let me caution you on the write-up – you need to do it exactly as I have described here. Do not simply list the questions above and provide answers. THIS IS TO BE AN ESSAY STYLE ETHNOGRAPHY, NOT A BULLET POINT QUESTION AND ANSWER.
For sources–you will need a minimum of 5, and 3 out of 5 should be from peer-reviewed journal publications. You will cite your sources in text using the following style:
Gaither (2020) said use this style for citing sources in text. Additionally, using peer-reviewed research is required (Gaither, 2020).
• And, the following styles for bibliographic references:
o DiGangi, Elizabeth A. and Megan K. Moore (Eds.), 2013. Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology. Boston: Academic Press (Elsevier).
o Gaither, Catherine, 2012. Cultural Conflict and the Impact On Non-adults At Puruchuco-Huaquerones In Peru: The Case for Refinement of the Methods used to Analyze Violence Against Children in the Archaeological Record. International Journal of Paleopathology 2: 69-77.
o Klaus, Haagen D., 2013. Hybrid Cultures….and Hybrid Peoples: Bioarchaeology of Genetic Change, Religious Architecture, and Burial Ritual in the Colonial Andes. In The Archaeology of Hybrid Material Culture, edited by J. Card, pp. 207–238. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University.
o PLEASE NOTE: You should not just give a website address. If you access a journal article online, you still cite it like a journal article. Just because you reached it online does not change how you cite the article.
o Another note: The overwhelming majority of your sources should be scholarly articles, which means peer-reviewed journal articles or books. On occasion, you may be able to use non-scholarly articles, but the majority should be scholarly works.
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