1. Describe the special extinguishing system classifications based upon the class of fire and the burning characteristics of the materials within that class. APA FORMAT 300 words in length.ONE SOURCE  2.You are conducting a fire inspection in the kitchen of a restaurant (assembly occupancy) and observe that there is a dry chemical fire extinguishing system protecting the cooking area and hood system. Upon closer examination, the system is out of date based on the inspection tag. What is your recommendation to the property owner, and why? What type of documentation would you provide to your fire marshals office?APA FORMAT 300 words in length.ONE SOURCE 3.Describe you feel it would or would not be appropriate to use a dry chemical extinguishing system in a total flooding application for sensitive computer equipment.APA FORMT 300 words in length.ONE SOURCE 4.Describe how Halon (halogenated hydrocarbon) is harmful to the Earth ozone layer and the possible extinguishing agents. APA FORMAT300 words in length.ONE SOURCE
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