Analyzing Roots of Conflict

The Chapter 8 Module discusses 13 different roots (i.e., causes of conflict.  For this discussion post, think about the various “roots” of your own conflicts. Then, respond to the following 3 questions:1.)  What are some of the most common “roots” (causes) of your own conflicts? Please discuss at least two different roots of conflict.  Additionally, focus your discussion on YOUR roots of conflict (i.e., the underlying reasons why you contribute to the start of a conflict). The roots you discuss can come from the list in Module 8 or you can identify roots/causes that are not on the list. NOTE: The “roots” of your conflicts may differ depending on the relationship. For example, the most common causes for your conflicts with your sister may be different than the reasons you typically argue with your best friend or significant other. You may analyze your “roots” of conflict in a specific relationship or discuss the common causes of your conflicts in general (or both). It is up to you!2.) Were you aware of these “roots” of conflict before reading the Module and thinking about them for this discussion post? 3.) What, if anything, might you do in the future to manage these “roots” of conflict and minimize possible relational damage? REMINDER: As a communication course, some of the topics we discuss do enter “personal” territory.  We all have relational and communicative experiences that we can learn from, so these discussion posts are an important way to apply course concepts, learn from each other, and *hopefully* improve the quality of our lives and relationships in the process. However, please use proper judgement when choosing what to share in these discussion posts. While it’s certainly OK (and necessary) to provide some information about yourself and your relationships, avoid “oversharing” or providing details that might make others uncomfortable. Additionally, please do not feel forced to talk about something that you’d rather keep to yourself; choose things to discuss that you’re comfortable sharing!
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