analyze the article, Qualitative

this is a group work, my friend did the most, I need to add my thoughts to this paper. So, Please review what she have written and add some thoughts.
add thoughts in each  parts, total adding 1 to 2 pages
— Assignment description:
 analyze the article, Qualitative_Welch & Plaxton-Moore _2017_.pdf , using the six questions below.Â
1- Is there a statement of the problem?  If so, what is the problem statement? Â
2- Does the problem indicate a particular focus (population, variables, research method)?  If so, what is the particular focus?
3- What are the specific research questions listed or specific hypotheses stated?  What variables are identified in the research questions or hypotheses?
4- Are the research design and procedures appropriate for examining the 5- research questions or for testing the hypotheses of the study?
5- How are the size and major characteristics of the population and sample described?
6- How are the results of the data analysis presented?Â
add thoughts in each  parts, total adding 1 to 2 pages”
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