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Prepare an analysis (1000 words) of a current (published after 15 May 2020) Australian newspaper/media article that relates to business and corporate law in Australia. Pick an article about a director breaching their duties, or a company going into voluntary administration, or a shareholder class action; or a takeover; or insider trading; or insolvent trading…
To succeed in this assessment the article must be current (as defined above) and your analysis concise, showing the relationship between the article and an aspect of the unit. This assessment involves elements of critical thinking: issues raised in the article are to be articulated, analyzed, and thereafter interpreted in the light of the unit content. Particulars of the Assignment:
What is expected – Peruse business pages of newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, or the Australian Financial Review or news sites such as ABC News during the currency of the unit and choose an article that relates to one (or more) of the aspects (topics, areas, issues) dealt with in the material covered from Lecture 4 onwards (the article can be found either in the hardcopy press or online) – it must be an Australian based publication because you are commenting on Australian law.

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