American History-Assignment help

1. What are some effects of Railroad expansion?
2. What contributed to the rapid settlement of the Great Plains in the late 1800’s?
3. What changes did the U.S. undergo from 1865 to 1900?
4. Why did so many farmers migrate to the cities in the late 1800’s?
5. What kind of problems did cities face as urbanization and population growth
6. How did railroads and population growth help the rise of big business?
7. What methods did muckrakers and progressive reformers use to enact change?
8. How did the relation between the federal government and big business change
after the Progressive Movement?
9. How did Alfred Thayer Mahan help the United States emerge as a world
10. What are some factors that caused the U.S. to declare war on Spain in 1898?
11. How did the additional territories the U.S. gained after the Spanish American
War benefit the U.S. economically?
12. How did the Roosevelt Corollary extend the authority of the Monroe
13. How did acquiring Pacific islands change our foreign policy with China and
14. How did the sinking of the Lusitania impact the U.S.?
15. What anti-German sentiments were immigrants and German Americans
experiencing in the U.S. during the war?
16. What constitutional issues arose during WWI?
17. Why was the Battle of the Argonne Forest considered a major turning point in
the war?
18. Why did the U.S. senate reject the Treaty of Versailles, and how would the
terms of this treaty later contribute to Hitler’s rise in power?
1. In your opinion, what was the main contributing factor resulting in the U.S.
rising as a world power?
2. Do you agree with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
3. What implications will the conditions Germany had to agree to after the war
have on Europe’s future?
19. What were some effects and impacts of the Dust Bowl on farmers?
20. What were some of the oppositions made by critics of the New Deal?
21. What constitutional issues arose from FDR’s attempt to “pack” the Supreme
22. How did the home-front change the role of minorities during WWII?
23. What aggressive actions on the part of European and Japanese leaders led
to the outbreak of WWII?
24. What impact did Executive Order 9066 have on Japanese Americans?
25. How did WWII impact gender roles in the U.S.?
26. What implications did the use of Atomic Weapons have for the future?
1. What were 4 items Great Britain received as part of the Lend Lease Act?
2. At the end of WWII, what happens to Germany?
1. What were the two foreign policies the U.S. developed in response to Soviets and
communism? In your opinion, were these policies successful?
2. What major problem did President Truman have with Joseph Stalin in regards to
Eastern European countries?
3. Why do you think the Soviet Union set up the Berlin blockade against their former
WWII allies? What do you think their overall goal was?
4. What was significant about the HUAC’s work? Was it constitutional and justified?
5. How did fear of the Soviet Union affect culture and society in the United States?
6. Did Americans need to be concerned with their own internal security during the
Cold War? Explain.
7. How did African Americans wartime experiences contribute to the push for civil
rights after the war?
1. What do you think contributed to the mass hysteria in the U.S. during the 1950’s?
2. How was the Soviet Union able to create and test their Atomic bomb years ahead
of predictions?
3. What was the purpose of the dog tags?
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