American History, 1877 To Present

Your papers will consist of take-home essays (expect to write 5 or more typed, double-spaced pages for each). the assignment will ask you to synthesize themes and information covered in course lectures, readings, films, and discussion. To receive credit, your papers must be submitted through the Turn-It-In function on Time. If you do not submit your paper through the Turn-It-In link on Time you will not receive credit.
Academic Dishonesty
University does not tolerate academic dishonesty. For further clarification of university policies regarding academic honesty consult university policy at will result in a grade of 0 (zero) for the assignment, a possible F for the course, and reporting to the University.
Please follow the Description, do not copy anything from Sample Paper, this sample just for you to know how should to write this assignment. You should write every thing from this this attachments don’t use any other resource.
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