All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials.

All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials.
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Paper 1 (4-6 pages) (1-3 x references) – Discuss three different and mutually exclusive perspectives on one issue in the text represented by three different characters or groups of characters, in relation to one another. It is crucial that there is a clear focus and develop the paper as fully as possible in terms of the relative positions the characters you choose take and the types of arguments they make. I urge you to use no more than 2 characters per perspective covered (six total) so that you can support your examples fully.
Paper 2 (at least 3 pages) (6 x references) – -Part One- Find and read at least 6 credible articles on the topic you chose for Paper 1 (Formal Assignment #2) or on another controversy that is present in The Laramie Project. The articles you find must represent a range of different and competing perspectives on the issue that you are researching. -Part Two- Evaluate three of the six articles that you found, each of which offers a different
perspective on the issue.
Paper 3 (5-6 pages) (6-8 x references) – Consider the controversy you chose for Paper 2 (Informal Assignment 8) and for the reflection exercise. Go back to what you have written in that assignment and
how you responded to the points for reflection and organize the material into a cohesive, coherent essay in which you take a stand on the issue of your choice with relation to the authors of the essays you read for this set of assignments.”
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